Be your authentic self

Authenticity is about honesty and telling the truth. It is about not telling lies about ourselves.  It is about not denying or hiding or running away.

shutterstock_59218825To be authentic is not just to do something. To be and to do are different verbs. Your doing follows inevitably from your being. You can force yourself to do differently, but that creates problems even though you might think that you are giving the impression of being something other than who you are. You cannot consistently do different than your being even through force and willpower. If you tried long enough you would have a breakdown. This can occur if you are forcing yourself to be ‘holier than thou’ or forcing yourself to live your lower nature in resistance to the movement of Spirit within you. Behaviour modification can cause real blockages to transformation if the behaviour is a denial of who one is. If it simply reinforces who one truly is, then it is an aid to transformation.

Do you have a self-centered life or a life-centered self? Be who you really are! Know who you really are.

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