Break free from conformity

Individuation is the Jungian term that describes the process of becoming one’s own person – that is, becoming authentically oneself. In this process there is a movement away from collectivity, and away from conformity to the collective.

shutterstock_113418565 - VConformity is a superficial way of connecting. The individuation process is a movement toward deeper connections where soul in oneself connects with soul in the other.

The greatest conformity is not in action, but in thought. The commercial, cultural, economic, political, educational, legal, religious and social forces in every society attempt to homogenize thought. There is less challenge and friction in society when people think alike. People are more easily manipulated to do and buy what the ‘controllers’ want.

Conformity demands that we think as others want us to, which might easily be a betrayal of self. In order to become authentic one must develop the mind, take control of one’s thinking, and think thoughts that are increasingly determined by perception of need and the fulfillment of need in line with one’s developed state of consciousness and uniqueness.

Liberate yourself from the confines of conformity and explore how to be authentic!

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