Draw out your authentic happiness

To be authentic does not mean that we have to think only original thoughts or act in a way that is totally unique. These are impossibilities. We as individuals are not separate from our genetics, our upbringing and socialization, our family, our culture. We are also part of humanity and exist in a historical setting. All of these very significant dimensions of our being are highly influential in what we think and how we act. And to a lesser degree they are influential in how we feel.

In order to be authentic we must know ourselves in our personality. We must know and accept our positive and negative traits. We must know when we are being controlled by conditioning and when we are simply using the conditioning to serve some greater purpose or simply expressing ourselves the way we choose.

Go deeper to uncover Who You Truly Are and what you want. Build your self-awareness to Unlock your Potentials and Sustain a Positive Change in YOUR Life… .

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