Beware of spiritual materialism.

The Tibetan teacher, Chogyam Trungpa, warned of the trap of spiritual materialism. He says we must be ever diligent to spot the ego’s use of the spiritual journey to further its own ends. If ego’s wants underlie our desire for spiritual connection, we may be using spiritual techniques to strengthen our egocentric sense of who we are.

We may think it’s spiritual to yearn for divine connection. And yet, if the longing is to fill an emptiness inside, just how does this differ from the one who yearns for money or possessions to fill the inner void? Do we look to our spiritual practices as proof of our evolved consciousness or as protection against fears? Do we humbly but with just a touch of pride share our disciplines with others, comforted by the prestige of that spiritual identity? We must really BE somebody if we practice meditation or pray daily or …

Any time we use spiritual disciplines to maintain our identity and security, we are not yet on the path of genuine spiritual development.

Reflect on your reasons for exploring spirituality. If you should find ego’s needs lurking in the shadows, don’t abandon your spiritual focus. Just be aware of the forces presently playing themselves out in your life.

Receive daily spiritual development and growth reminders. Explore both personality and soul and how to bring them together in full, genuine expression.

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