The spiritual journey is a journey of consciousness.

The spiritual journey first follows the path of personality to explore limitation and separation. It then takes the path of soul to reconnect with expansiveness and unity.

shutterstock_51397924Here’s another bird’s eye view of how our lives unfold to awaken our consciousness:

1. Unconscious love: When we are born, we exist as pure love but we are not conscious of our   love.
2. Unconscious fear: Our souls have set the stage for our evolution. As we grow, unconscious fears arise in our personalities that draw experiences to us that wound us.
3. Conscious fear: Our wounds bring pain and suffering that enable us to become conscious of our fears.
4. Conscious love: When we’ve suffered enough pain, we are motivated to move through our fears to consciously experience the love that supports all.

What pains or distresses are in your life?

Take heart that the pain is there to serve your highest interests – to bring you greater consciousness. Take a bird’s eye view on any issue that is challenging you at this time. Remember that you are spirit exploring life in matter.

What aspect or quality of love might your soul be inviting you to recognize? Experience ways to go beyond conditional happiness to the blissful state of joy with our spiritual development resources and watch your life change.

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