Caution – Boredom comes naturally

“Is boredom anything less than the sense of one’s faculties slowly dying?”
~ John Berger ~

Beware of boredom and its ability to suck the joy out of life. It creeps up on us so silently.

We all know how easily our minds become used to repetitive stimuli and events. A noise or mess may irritate us at first but soon enough, we shut it out of our consciousness. We lose our awareness of it.

We easily grow bored of important things as well. We can get excited about our personal goals yet within weeks or even days, they are no longer on our minds. And as relationships age, we tend to take them for granted. Relationships especially need some stimulation and freshness to keep them alive.

If we want to truly savour life, we need to live with soul. Soul is fresh and creative. Life can always be new and alive. We experience higher consciousness at the edge of our thinking and experiences – when we move into new territory. The life force is always urging us to move towards new potentials.

We change and grow every time we create something new. To guard against boredom and to keep what truly matters to us alive and vital, we need to continually keep some new energy, stimulation, ideas and perspectives going.

When I go to a restaurant, park or library, and when I travel, my creativity soars. When I change something in my office environment, my motivation is stimulated. As we give anything a new intention, we open to new possibilities.

So stop the boredom cycle. Know yourself; what stimulates you and stay stimulated. Do things differently and do different things.

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