Ego can be Your Amigo!

“If your ego is your internal reference point, you had better plan on feeling offended for the rest of your life.” – Carlos Castaneda

In spiritual teachings, it sometimes seems as though ego is cast as the bad guy. You may think that to be spiritual, you have to let go of the ego.

We have a different perspective on this.

Ego and personality are essential players in our theatre of life. Spirit has chosen to evolve through form. Therefore personality (ego, form) is the vehicle for the soul. Soul has its being nature and ego has its doing nature. Soul works in the realm of cause and ego in the realms of effects. So they need and work with each other.

Soul sparks the potential that exists within the personality. We don’t want the ego to disappear – we want it to open to the presence and guidance of soul so the two may work together in alignment.

The path of personality aims to build a healthy, skilful, confident ego. Ironically, only a strong, mature ego can take responsibility for carrying the consciousness of soul. So support the ego in taming its controlling nature, ‘I’dentity, self-centeredness, victim positions, labelling and seeking recognition. Instead cooperate more with others, be more vulnerable, and allow ego to mellow out in its newfound humbleness so it becomes more subservient to your soul.

Working in groups and being more open, vulnerable, supportive and sharing tames the ego and lets in more soul. This is the power of group work and why it is one of our focuses for 2015.

Cultivate an attitude of appreciation and compassion towards yourself and others.

“We use a defence mechanism whenever the authority of the ego is threatened by truth.” –Andrew Schneider

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