Ready for your next level of consciousness?

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” — Albert Einstein

Most of our readers will relate to these 3 levels of growth:

1. Our culture and media has dominantly locked us into a growth phase of developing ego – to take control, be self-confident, to be right, to judge, to win, to have a strong or beautiful image and mind – and in doing so it did some self healing. This cleansing of fundamental negatives has allowed opportunities for our soul to create some connection and influence and open the door to more soul identification – which the ego needs to go to another level. And yet the ego’s spiritual pride still takes all the credit every step of the way.

2. When we identify with soul, we transform shadows at a deeper level and we work more on loving relationships. We open to a new level of self healing, compassion, unique expression and purpose. And as we grow, connect and trust, it opens the door to a new level of growth – group consciousness. This new level is required to complete the soul identification growth cycle.

3. We realize that we share similar shadows with others and that it can be healed via the group. We become more responsible for a group reality, the environment, humanity’s conditions and the interdependence of all things. It is a new realm of power and mystery as more parts come together to make sense from a wholeness perspective. We open up to making personal sacrifices for the good of the whole or group. We aspire to a bigger picture than just our unique selves. Intuition increases. We are drawn to a meaningful group vision, service and a higher level of responsibility.

This is why we have been shifting some of Higher Awareness’s services toward group work in the way of group coaching so you see the perspective and questions of others and receive answers and synthesis of the needs of the whole group. That is why we are offering masterminding opportunities so you can be with a group of like minded individuals and practice how to share, support, celebrate, be vulnerable, make a burning request and receive feedback from everyone in your group, including the group facilitator.

When I had my best mastermind groups, our intuition and even ESP soared, synchronicity was commonplace. Some of our best meetings were when the least was said. We learned about a new inner power through subjective support. Attunenments and sensing of the others became a common practice. And we all learned more about the subtleties of manifesting.

Some of the best coaches I have met are very compassionate and loving beings. They spend time daily bringing into their minds their clients and working with them on the inner realms. And holding them as able and clear and open.

We look forward to sharing our new services with you in the next month.

In loving service.

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