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by John Robson on January 21, 2014

commitment and self discipline

The silliest things can make a big difference. I changed one letter and my commitment and self discipline increased many fold. The mind works like that sometime. Some little things STICK; like a metaphor, a rhyme, an alliteration, a model – and often it is some quirky thing we create ourselves.

When I exercise, get IN MY BODY and sweat, I feel it for hours and I sleep better. With so little invested – 10 to 30 minutes – it is so beneficial and one of the most healthy things we can do.

As I am writing and applying my new “How to Manifest” email series (coming soon), a core step is to go inside and EMBODY and attune to what I ideally want to create in my life. I find this easier now as I EMBODY in my mind and IN BODY through my exercise.

I read lots of health and anti-aging material and exercise is always top of the list. Even 40 years ago the magic formula was ‘Double your heart rate for 12 minutes.’ I enjoy the High Intensity Workouts for 30 seconds with a 90 second rest as very rewarding and beneficial. My process is to do 2 exercise sessions per day – treadmill, weights, stair climbing walking, my vibration plate and/or stretching.

Hold the vision for me EMBODYING and IN BODYING and releasing 20 pounds in the next 4 months. And I will hold the vision for you also exercising regularly.

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