Groups Work – Experience the Power of Group

Groups Work – Experience the Power of Group

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, you must go together.” — Botswana wisdom

An African village leader supporting his tribe says, “Bring me a twig and break it over your knee.” Then he says “Bring me a bundle of twigs and it cannot be broken in any way. This is the power of group and community.”

We are all on a consciousness journey that progresses through life from ‘me to we to thee’, from ‘co-dependence to independence to interdependence’.  First we build a strong confident self initiated by ego’s persistent self-centeredness. Then a major growth shift occurs to be more ‘other and group conscious’. Through relating with others we greatly accelerate our growth. Then we shift again and become more spirit, wholeness, humanity and planetary (environmental) focused. Have you noticed any of these shifts in your life?

One of the most powerful energies to create and leverage is group energy. Group energy is more expansive and inclusive, a greater reality and a new quality of being compared to self consciousness.

Group work is more powerful than most people realize. It adds in new dimensions of energy, synergy, sharing, giving, support, accountability, responsibility, empathy, compassion, cooperation, collaboration, compromise, celebration and more.

Treasure your closest contacts that support your growth and belonging as these people, friends, family, clients and connections are vital to your livelihood and growth. Because every encounter/connection is a spiritual one.  You have attracted them into your life for a reason.  So open up to it and learn from it.

“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.” — S. Keller Harrell

Some people naturally are very interpersonal, connective, compassionate, healing, supportive and intuitive with others as they tap into this energy. To do this you consciously or unconsciously and naturally connect soul to soul. And as 2 or more people connect, there is a group soul or third mind that is created. Many people experience this when they fall in love or are absolute best of friends or are 100% committed to supporting others or are involved in an intentional, connective community. They sense there is something bigger than just themselves.

Become an instrument of transformation for others. That is one of our fundamental purposes. As you give you keep a copy for yourself. BIGness needs others. As we connect with this love and attraction type energy, there is a sense we are coming home to our real and whole selves.

Some of my most empowering, life changing and healing experiences have occurred through the power of groups. And the best place to develop new group skills is with intentional, supportive, synergistic, accountable, like-minded individuals.

In the early 1990’s a group of 5 of us created a powerful mastermind group that created miracles beyond our dreams by subjectively supporting each other and working with group energy. I believe strongly that what makes masterminds work is when an individual projects, affirms, attunes, prays or envisions ‘for others’. When I envision my goals, the subconscious mind works 24/7  transmitting and attracting to me its predominate thoughts and feelings and who we are. But we often do not even know who we are.  We are also transmitting 24/7 our own stuff, worthiness, expectations, limiting beliefs, and old unconscious conditioning, etc., that go out with our goals, requests or visions. We manifest who we ARE, not what we wish. BUT when a supportive group can envision clearly your request for you it is WITHOUT your baggage, limits and unconscious stuff. This is the greatest power of master minding.


  • You will be surprised how this subjective support is not just additive, but multiplicative and exponentially effective. In group you experience higher laws and principles, the greater good, more initiative and pro-activeness, more intuition, more inclusiveness, and higher realms of power where life itself can manifest through us for the benefit of the whole.
  • Open to new perspectives, insights, solutions, synchronicities, support, love and inspiration. Open to others shedding light on your questions, challenges and confusion. Become an instrument of transformation and miracle for others. Watch yourself gradually and naturally shift to higher values, principles, vision, greater good and more humanity concerns.
  • In group you receive more sincere, heart-felt feedback faster. As you connect on higher principles and motives you will see more diversity in wholeness and how you fit in. You will more naturally and more effectively work on collective group shadows and the needs of humanity.
  • As a group comes together with higher motives, they remain more humble through being in right relationship to the whole. By ignoring the lesser selves, the higher selves address each other directly and from bigger, more inclusive perspectives. The conscious presence of the self participates in an ever expanding energy field, which more easily brings occurrences into harmony with a sense of peace to all who experience it.
  • Let there never again be a question unanswered, opportunity missed, wrong choices made or a lack of compassionate and empowering responses.
  • We transcend ego towards more soul and group identity. We see our ego’s shadows clearer from a group and higher perspective.
  • Group work is an obvious and easier doorway for intuition to work through you.
  • One of the strongest bonds is a common objective expressed in collective activities, serving fellow human beings.
  • What you give away you also keep a copy of. The more we give the more we naturally receive group energy, gratitude, appreciation, answers, ideas and support. We are the miracles for others. ‘God created miracles so she can remain anonymous.’
  • To the degree group consciousness rises – creativity, responsibility and accountability rises and leads to one humanity.
  • We tend to embrace and carry a higher vision and become aware of a bigger evolutionary plan of life.
  • We experience more inclusiveness, express newer ideas, enhance intuitive abilities and are more at cause. It is easier to embrace, discuss, brainstorm and carry a vision.
  • Group work diminishes the feeling of being alone. Just knowing that someone will always be there to listen to you will already decrease the feeling of being alone especially during your trying times. One of the most common reasons why people go through depression is because they have no one else to talk with regarding their issues. Support groups are there to listen and help you no matter how small or big your problem may be.
  • You acquire new ways of coping with issues. In a support group, when one asks for help on how to resolve a particular issue most of the members of the group go back to how they coped with that issue when they experienced it. By gaining insight to how people cope with problems and how it worked for them, you then acquire new coping skills which you can apply in your life as well.
  • You improved self-esteem. When you resolve your problem with the help of your support group it can boost your self-esteem. And with your new knowledge on new ways of coping – you feel much more confident facing various challenges in the future. There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve touched or even changed someone’s life with your words.

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” — James Penney

So how does one build up their inner power to support others? 

  • It starts with first sharing and caring with others. Give to receive.
  • Show your commitment, vulnerability, compassion and support.
  • During your daily ‘power hour’ or ‘magical minutes’, take 2 minutes and hold a vision for your loved ones and for the group as a whole and visualize the overall performance and each person’s performance increasing with love, joy and peace. (Sounds like Christmas!).
  • The more effort you put into supporting others the more you may personally experience a shift to higher values, greater commitment, and a more powerful attraction for yourself. This is the power of appreciating and giving gratitude.
  • Manifestation is easier as we work from the higher realms of essence, qualities and goodness. So focus your aspiration, sensitivity, personality, selflessness, love, understanding and goodwill into the group.
  • There are reasons group meditations are more powerful. It is called synergy. Intuition and group need and group soul attracts MORE concepts, ideas, love energy, and new, synergistic levels of consciousness.
  • Make your groups more powerful as you hold the space and shared visions. Maintain a high integrity container for your relationships to grow in. Always hold the inner vision of love, compassion and harmony of the group.
  • One of the most common group uses of intuition and intention is healing circles. Our healing abilities are a natural part of the way the Aborigines see themselves in the grand scheme of the universe. Connected at all times. Co-creators. Co-healers.
  • It is an opportunity to attune to and work on collective shadows and values. It is an opportunity to get good feedback often.
  • Embrace and carry a higher vision of yourself. Experience and integrate being a bigger part of the whole. Dive into a new level of mystery and awe through and for your group work.
  • For best results, always start with a group meditation to elevate above the daily stuff. Then allow the individual souls to absorb into the one group soul. One of the strongest bonds is a common objective expressed in collective activities that serves fellow human beings.
  • Want to add another level of accountability to yourself? Share a performance number (‘N’ out of 10, 10 being hi.) in one sentence. No excuses, comments or discussion are necessary. Just doing this helps you to commit more deeply to yourself. It gives you a new goal to surpass next week as you get better and better at the little things that make a big difference. And it gives others some feedback on how you are doing.
  • Spend a few minutes each day and ATTUNE to the other, identify with the other, be the other and sense the need of the other.
  • Identify and work on the collective needs and shadows of the group.
  • Sense and share back a stronger magnetic, attracting force.
  • As much as you can share spiritual, sympathetic and collaborative energies that support your group.
  • Respect and appreciate the other — always. No judgment. No advice unless asked for. Hold them as able and to learn their own learning.
  • A big part of group work is to use your voice and be heard – especially by yourself.
  • Allow diversity — differing opinions are fine! We each do life differently.
  • Support others in answering their own questions. In some situations ask questions so both you and others get clarity about a topic, situation or request.

 No Man is an Island

As the old saying goes – no man is indeed an island. Although there are times when we need to isolate ourselves to recharge on our own, it’s still so much better if you have a support group where you can be open and share your highs and lows with. Support group is like your 2nd family – people who will not judge you no matter what ordeal you got yourself into. A support group are meant to be the opposite – they will do their very best in order to get you out of problems and help you to be the best version of yourself.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

 Written by John Robson. He has 25 years experience with master minding, completed a 3 year Group Consciousness course, created a relationship program, and has been married for 45 years (2 different wives). John has led over 100 teams. His worst 2 years of non performance was without a master mind partner. John is presently creating new ways individuals, buddies and master mind circles can attain more results faster and with more joy and peace of mind.