Your ego is your soul worst enemy

How your ego sabotages you. A checklist.

This is your EGO (captain) speaking!

“Do this… I am the greatest.
I want more… It’s their fault.
Play it safe. It’s mine….”

Read below for:
what is ego?
it’s traps and levels of manipulation
it’s few benefits
creating your own Ego Healing Hot List

In Part 2 of 2 about the Ego learn about:
how to tame the ego
signs of letting go of ego

How to use these EGO pages.
as you read this blog:
mark, highlight or rewrite
words or phrases that
use this content as a check list
of ways you sabotage yourself.
create and prioritize your
ongoing Ego Healing Hot List.

In part 2:
create your plan towards
wholeness, authenticity, happiness,
peace of mind and freedom.

is influenced by unconscious
and conscious mind
is also influenced by your
character, style and personality
but from a view point of

Feel trapped, suffering, victimized, lack?
Often hitting your panic button?
Then you are stuck in the ego trap.

“Ordinarily, everything we do 
   is in our self-interest. Everything.”
   — Anthony de Mello

It all starts here. EGO …
in your youth it is your self identity
protects you from perceived threats
lives in individual identity
through separation from others
lives through comparison of self to others
is self-centered. It’s about “I, Me, My.”
is conditioned by form, desires and pleasures
lives in the past or the future
rarely lives in the present
needs to control and manipulate
it does not trust
sets is own agendas, rules,
boundaries and comfort zone
seeks praise, power and attention
is often offended as it takes things personally
confuses facts with perceptions and reactions
imprisons itself with its belief systems,
labels and past conditioning
gets attached to content and familiar structures
is the source of most grievances and anxieties
contracts and hardens its shell for security
wants more of everything – here and now.

“Egotism is the anaesthetic
   that dulls the pain of stupidity.”
   — Frank Leahy

EGO is characterized by:
– separation, limitation, fear, desires,
– accumulating, arrogance, pride,
– judgements, opinions, prejudices,
– lack, addiction, suspicion, anxiety,
– competition, blaming, hostilities,
– meaninglessness, love-hate relating,
– complaining, unconscious assumptions,
– self doubt, victimhood, control,
– caution, self-sabotage, criticism,
– judging, power, immediate gratification,
– avoiding, attaching to the past. urgency,
– compulsions, repetition, protection, security…

A reminder – read the above list again slowly
list the characteristics that
need your attention and healing.

“We use a defence mechanism
   whenever the authority of the
   ego is threatened by truth.”
   – Andrew Schneider

And it gets worse. EGO …
has nothing to do with who you really are
is an illusion of your true self or essence
pretends to be the real you
picks up on the collective pain of humanity
aligns with the pain of your spiritual family
matures as you grow in awareness
matures when you bring consciousness

to your suffering
takes credit for all you learn
gets smarter as you do
stays one step ahead of you
develops into spiritual pride
kills inspired vision, love of life
kills passion and purpose
is rarely satisfied for long, gets bored easily
edges out Soul/Spirit/God/Intuition
knocks you off your spiritual path
doubts anything new, real, aspiring
can evolve into spiritual pride
sees itself more ‘advanced’ than it actually is
creates limited choices so it thinks it wins
keeps you on a tether allowing you
limited positive experiences.

“Make your ego porous.
   Will is of little importance,
   complaining is nothing,
   fame is nothing.
   Openness, patience, receptivity,
   solitude is everything.”
   — Rainer Maria Rilke

A few good things about ego. EGO …
wants more of life and pleasures
starts development of character, values
and even spirituality
gets us on our path of seeking
creates all the stories, labels, and
roles of who we think we are
supports you in your education,
career, starting a family
loves to organize things, your life and the world
but always for self-centred motives.

Growth is about taming the ego
so you find your true authentic self
growth is about unlearning and
healing self-sabotaging blocks
the most powerful thing you can do is
to create and prioritize your
   ongoing Ego Healing Hot List

What are your 10 most ineffective,
   self-sabotaging ego patterns and behaviours?

Now you are ready to part 2. 
Let go of your ego!