How to Let Go of Ego

Welcome to part #2 of 2 about the Ego.

In part 1 we covered:
How your ego sabotages you. A checklist.

it’s traps and levels of manipulation
it’s benefits
creating your own Ego Healing Hot List.

In this part #2 of 2 on the Ego, we cover:
how to tame the ego
signs of letting go of ego
what you can do next
updating your own Ego Healing Hot List.

As a reminder from part 1 on ‘what is EGO?’,

EGO is characterized by:
– separation, limitation, fear, desires,
– accumulating, arrogance, pride,
– judgements, opinions, prejudices,
– lack, addiction, suspicion, anxiety,
– competition, blaming, hostilities,
– meaninglessness, love-hate relating,
– complaining, unconscious assumptions,
– self doubt, victimhood, control,
– caution, self-sabotage, criticism,
– judging, power, immediate gratification,
– avoiding, attaching to the past. urgency,
– compulsions, repetition, protection, security…

Life is about unlearning old conditioning,
and revealing and healing blocks
therefore have a few daily healing practices
create a solid unbreakable foundation
prepare yourself to GROW and FLOW through life
flow with less baggage
and aspire higher and fill needs of others.

“Enlightenment is ego’s
  ultimate disappointment.”
  – Chögyam Trungpa

Recommended before reading more
– update your own  Ego Healing Hot List.

How to Let Go of Ego.
recognize Ego’s tricks
create your “Healing Hot List” of blocks
daily perform healing practices
reduce the need for control and structures
tame automatic defenses
focus more on others
relax and be touched by life
be gentle, patient and loving
know your values and what you stand for

Ego and awareness cannot coexist
ego is destroyed by conscious suffering
experience being as well as doing
meditate and do more big picture thinking
have quality, loving, caring relationships
know how to be Soul

“Healing comes only from
   that which leads the patient
   beyond himself and beyond
   the entanglements with ego.”
   – C. G. Jung

More ways to Let Go of Ego.
Develop more humor, humility and honesty
ASK your heart for higher guidance
laugh at yourself
shift into nowness – the present moment
let in reality, space, joy and peace of mind
stop and pay attention to what is
practice mindfulness and awareness
be more accountable and responsible
know and aspire to your life purpose.
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“The secret of human happiness
   is not in self-seeking
   but in self-forgetting.”
   — Theodor Reik

Positive Signs of less Ego:
(What do you aspire to?)
(Write down your top 10.)
more service, generosity, appreciation,
– gratitude, health, commitment,
– honouring your body, happiness,
– fulfillment, success, ease, honesty,
– centeredness, sense of humor,
– patience, generosity, love, integrity,
– peacefulness, soul connection. clarity,
– trust, goodness, non-resistance,
– divine presence, intuition, attunements,
– power, connections, love, spontaneity,
– contentment, harmony, naturalness.

More positive signs of less Ego:
Live your life consciously
be more in the now, the present moment
experience the divine, spirituality and life
compassion for all that arises
experience more laws, truth and purpose
good spiritual practices
self healing of past shadows and wounds
letting go of little stuff, better relationships
questioning illusions and falsehoods
growing in awareness shrinks ego
discriminating the true self from the false self.

“If your ego is your internal reference point,
   you had better plan on feeling offended
   for the rest of your life.”
   – Carlos Castaneda

What you can do next:
learn how to discern and discriminate
– distinguish ego from higher guidance
make conscious the unconscious conditioning
rid limiting beliefs, defenses and old programming
go deeper into your life challenges and blocks
add to your Healing Hot List.

Are you serious about knowing, growing
and flowing through life?
– about overcoming the ego and
unconscious blocks in your life?

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“Only to the degree
   that you can heal
   yourself towards wholeness
   can you grow yourself
   into fullness.”
   — John Robson