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What Is Soul? - A List of Choices

Is the bridge between spirit and form
Is a high state of consciousness
Is immortal
Is formless, but relates to and creates form
Is located outside of time and space, but relates to time and space
Is a trinity of will (power, purpose), love and intelligent
   activity (inner light)
Is the 7 combinations of the trinity aspects of love, will and intelligence
Expresses itself in cycles - integration and disintegration,
   creation and destruction
Is aware of our purpose in the grander scheme of things
Is that which gives meaning in life
Is loving service to others
Is a way of being
Is our inner nature
Is our essence
Is the higher qualities and virtues of our life
Is us seeing spiritual values in material things
Is what makes anything what it is
Is our uniqueness and personal character
Is the releasing of human potential
Is the revealer of what is hidden within us
Is our higher imagination and discrimination
Is to be totally focused, present, loving and conscious of
   one's relationship to everything
Is when we stop and pay attention
Is the discrimination and syntheses of the mind
Is that which makes us joyful
Is our force of self-evolution
Is represented by the trilogy of energy, the 7 rays and
   the 12 energies represented by the lotus
Is connections, inclusiveness, balance

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