Solutions ahead

Why 3 Words

Trying something new.
Keeping it simple.
I need your feedback.
Are you Ready?

It is called …
3 Word Wisdom

Writing everything in
– 3 word sentences
– plus/minus a few words.

Why 3 Word Wisdom?
Says more faster.
Truth is simple.
Less is more.
The Power of trinity.

Clear, concise phrases.
Opens perception doors.
Gets you thinking.
Sparks your intuition.

Open ended truisms.
Truth flows easily.
Sense the essence.
Brevity brings beauty.

More essence words.
More interactive insights.
Easily hooks the mind.
Memorable, visual, spatial.

A base for affirmations.
More creative fun.
Triggers inner truths.
Becomes a checklist.

You try it.
Write your 3-word affirmations.
Let your wisdom out.
What’s important to you?
Keep it simple.

Please send comments.
Your thoughts appreciated.
Let me know.