Everything is changing
– and fast.
Whirlwinds push us in circles
The pendulum swings deeper and then higher.

I ASK often:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • How am I to serve?
  • What are the main needs of our members and readers?
  • What is our next service offering?

Answers that consistently come are:
Just BE ME
Be the change I want
Answers are right in front of me
I have been perfectly groomed
I can only offer what I have experienced

We just completed our
‘intuit and DO IT’ Awareness
   and Manifesting Program.
It is now getting a new update for 2019
And I’m in an ever changing process of
writing a publishable book.

My next, new Higher Awareness focus and offerings!


I connect with many people who
   have grown but are NOW STUCK
Life was going okay, but is now stalled in mediocrity
Clarity turns into brain fog
What worked in the past is not working today.

  • Today our lives are more complex,
    more variable, more chaotic and
    happening faster.
  • It takes more effort to
    keep up to the changing
    economy, environment, politics,
    technology, relationships, social,
    work and cultural condition.
  • As we become more mentally aware,
    the monkey mind’s cage expands.
  • Distractions persist and grow
    The need for focus, discipline,
    meditation and stillness arise.

Our old conditioning and beliefs remain limiting
Unhandled tensions and blocks
grow into insurmountable paradigms
And we lack training on how to transition and
leap these paradigms.

We need new personal and spiritual development PLANS
We need new WAYS for these new TIMES.

And the bottom line:
To raise our consciousness
to keep up with fast changing times.

So what are some NEW PLANS and
   NEW WAYS to help us
   through these NEW TIMES?

Here are just a few new ways:

• Develop and trust intuition
• Consistently ASK for higher guidance
and LISTEN and learn from your answers
• Listen more to your body and inner senses
• To be, express and align with your all-knowing Soul
• Deepen awareness into letting go, surrendering, releasing
• Explore and expand your evolving edge insights
• Understand and apply the Universal Laws

And these are just a few of the many NEW WAYS
to handle our new changing times.
And we are here to help you
create NEW PLANS using NEW WAYS.

Many of these are covered in detail
in our new flagship program.
And with new reminders and cheat sheets
in our membership site.

I invite you to grow with us and
experience new ways of
thinking, feeling and being
Commit to breaking out of your comfort zone,
conditioning and ego traps.

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season
and an abundant 2109!

See you in Higher Awareness
John Robson