How my productivity went up by playing!

“ You can increase your brain power three to fivefold simply by laughing and having fun before working on a problem. ”
~ Doug Hall ~

Last weekend, I visited 60 countries in 6 hours!

Our city (Edmonton, Canada) has one of the largest international heritage festivals in the world. In one of our beautiful river valley parks, 60 pavilions featured the music, dance, foods and artifacts of many of the cultural communities represented by the people living here.

Travel always makes me more open, playful, adventurous and experiential, and this ‘world tour in one day’ event sparked the same experience.

It was great fun, and then the next day, I received an unexpected gift: great productivity and clarity at work. Actually, it wasn’t unexpected – I know how life’s magic works.

You see, the week before, I had been intensely creating and writing and I needed a break. The mind needs its balance. It needs the focus to anchor the facts and information we are working on. Then it needs time to openly integrate the material in its own way.

In fact, this is what happens when we dream at night. Our minds integrate our daily activities to put them into the right perspective and into our memory banks.

It’s just like having a big rainfall and the water pools on the surface. After the rain stops, the water continues to seep into and nourish the dry soil. We benefit when we let our minds do the same. Trust this process of learning and integration and in the process be able to raise your self awareness.

So I thank you Nigeria, Croatia, Argentina, Japan, Guatemala, the Philippines and the rest of the countries for helping me integrate, assimilate and put in right perspective my learning of the previous week.

When do you plan to do something totally different or to do something differently to free your mind and integrate your experiences?

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