Explore 4 levels of Meditation from Relaxation to Illumination

“Soul consciousness cannot be developed without meditation. Through meditation we can contact and express the higher energies that will infuse the personality and make us more whole.” – Andrew Schneider

Meditation is an ordered process whereby a (wo)man finds God. Below are different ways to describe how the foundation meditation process bridges into a more illuminating level of meditation.

  1. From experiencing relaxation, concentration (focus) and some reflection, one can  then experience more reflection (bridging to the higher mind), reception or contemplation (allowing the soul in), and expansion and illumination (bringing information back to the mind).
  2. From working with more concrete applications, one can then participate in working with the abstract, connecting with qualities, being inspired by purpose and identifying with soul.
  3. From working with the lower mind, which asks, one can then work more with the higher mind, which responds.

Learn the fundamentals of basic and advanced meditation through two series of weekly online emails, of 3 months each: ‘The Foundation’ and ‘Paths to Illumination.’

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