Meditation Traps

Below are some cautions and traps common to meditators:

  • Fidgety, itchy? – If it itches, scratch it! Don’t fight it. As you begin to quiet your mind, you will become more aware of itches and physical sensations. Gently scratch or adjust your position and go back to your meditation posture.
  • Restless and bored? Go beyond it. Focus more. Observe more. Go with the flow. Go through it. Accept it as is and let it go. Don’t resist it.
  • Falling asleep? This means get more sleep. It will also reduce your stress and tension.
  • Too hard or too much work? It always takes effort initially to learn new skills. Persevere with the process and soon it will become second nature to you.
  • Not enjoying your experience so far? Try a guided meditation. Let someone lead you through a relaxation and experience it this way. Tapes are available at libraries and self-help bookstores. This is a good starting place if you find our process challenging.

There will always be thoughts and emotions in your meditations. Allow them to flow on by. Do not react to them or give them energy. Just detach and observe them.

Do not change processes too quickly. Stick with a process for at least 2 weeks, preferably one month. Stick with one technique and learn from it. Connect with your commitment, motivation and persist. If you jump around to new techniques too rapidly, you won’t benefit from any of them.

We invite you to learn a progressive and comprehensive approach on how to effectively meditate.

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