Why do you meditate?

We meditate for different reasons depending on our needs:

  1. For relaxation and stress reduction. Just by altering our state of consciousness, we can remove blockages and integrate the negatives and positives in our personality. Try chanting, mantras, biofeedback and meditation music to help you relax.
  2. For mindfulness training – develops the mind and discipline and teaches us to be present. Try walking and open-eye meditations.
  3. For guidance, healing and manifesting – in an altered state, ask questions and use the imagination to access answers. Try prayer and creative imagination.
  4. To experience soul and archetypal energies. This leads to contemplation where there is no separation with the soul.
  5. To be in service – specific applications for receiving and distributing universal energies. Try group meditations, full moon meditations, chants and mantras.

Why do you want to meditate? Have you built up a base to go to the level(s) of meditation you need? Be open and try different ways of meditating, relaxing and connecting. Take our basic or advancedLearn how to meditateprogram to explore, step by step, progressive meditation methods.

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