Know your mind through JOURNALING.

know mind“The incredible thing about the human mind is that it didn’t come with an instruction book.” — Terry Riley

Is your mind your BEST FRIEND or your WORST ENEMY? So few people know how they think, create, learn or intuit. When we take our mental processes for granted, we lose our creative genius.

Our minds play the same messages over and over again. About 95% of what we do, think and say comes from OLD PATTERNING in our subconscious minds. So how do we break from these stuck, limiting patterns? Journaling helps.

As writer Natalie Goldberg says, “The positive thing about writing is that you connect with yourself in the deepest way, and that’s heaven. You get a chance to know who you are, to know what you think. You begin to have a relationship with your mind.” Better yet, we can discover our mind to be our best friend. And our life will never be the same.

“The more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use.” — George A. Dorsey

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