Know Yourself and Your Thinking Style!

aaaaHow do you think? Do you think about how you think?

When you know how you think, you will know areas that you are weak in and strong in. You can use your best skills when the need calls for them. And you will be much more appreciative of other people’s styles of thinking.

Explore your thinking. Below are some questions you can ponder. There are no right or wrong answers.

  • Do you tend to be more proactive or reactive?
  • Is your thinking fast or slow, or sporadic or steady?
  • Is your mind highly organized or more casual?
  • Do you focus on details, processes, concepts or ideals?
  • Is your mind more fixed or yielding?
  • Do you tend to be more sceptical or self trusting?
  • Do you describe yourself as spontaneous, playful, strategic, mechanical, procedural, impulsive, rehearsed or predictable?

Understand better how to apply your thinking. Higher Awareness has many resources to help you understand your thinking processes as well as how you handle emotions and actions. Knowing yourself and how you think, emote and act greatly improves your self confidence in your ability to make a difference in the world.

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