How to Know Yourself

Throughout the ages the number one growth step has been and still is “Know Thyself!”. Every life encounter and action is influenced, consciously and mostly unconsciously, by who we are.

how to know yourself

And who are we?

A collage of unconscious patterns, an unknown character full of integrity, a style that is cast in iron, a undiscovered soul that has a clear purpose, unique and underutilized potentials, and a rampant self-centered ego that wants to be right, in control and take credit for everything.

And we tend to be so close to ourselves that it is hard to figure us out. Yet to really know your authentic self, your real self, is not easy and takes some effort and self honesty.

Are you ready for the journey? Because if you do not take that journey, you will be stuck in mediocrity, self sabotage, limitation, illusions, inertia and ignorance. I know these are harsh words, but it is where most people in varying degrees hide out as they do life – or is it life doing them?

So how does one know themselves better? Here are some ways:

  • Asking and truthfully answering penetrating questions.
  • Exercises that draw out unconscious, limiting programming.
  • Understanding and being accountable for concepts of mirroring and projections
  • Changing your perspectives.
  • Ridding your dramas, justifiers, excuses, pet peeves, inner tensions and conflicts, victim hood, limiting beliefs, etc. so you meet and experience your authentic self and even your higher self.
  • Meditating to go deeper.
  • Looking at your present situation in your life which may point to limiting programming.
  • Understand how the universal and natural laws are consistently working through you.
  • Knowing intimately your soul and personality and how they differ and can harmoniously work together.

If you are ready to truly know yourself, the number one task is to rid the filters, defences, patterns and untruths that stop you. For an air balloon to naturally rise, we must first rid the ballast. Start to build an unbreakable, solid foundation of who you truly are so you can grow towards more understanding, meaning, authenticity and purpose.

If this interests you and you want to go deeper and heal what stops you in life, then explore the “How to Know Yourself” workbook at Higher Awareness. Be able to answer “Who am I?” better than any one else you many know. And be able to help others do the same.

Otherwise we stay anchored to the ground, bouncing around as the air balloon’s ballast stops us from rising and experiencing the joy, love, peace of mind and fulfillment available to us.

If you are still not convinced of the value of knowing yourself, take our free journey of the multitude of ways you protect yourself from the real you. Take our free “Life Challenges”

We have supported thousands of seekers to know and grow themselves to new levels. When you are ready to break free of the shackles and more forward, we are always here.

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