Like a mirror, consciousness reflects back to us who we are.

just-watching-1044093-mWhen we look at ourselves in the mirror, we get to see ourselves the way others see us. Sometimes we like what we see and there are bad hair days when there are a lot of things we want to change with how we look.

We change because we want to please others or we want to please ourselves. Whatever the reason my be, we are only capable of changing because we have an awareness of what needs changing.

Like a mirror, consciousness reflects back to you who you are. It reflects only what you can perceive. So it goes back to saying that if you don’t like your perception of yourself, you can go inside and change it. It’s a matter of owning that perception then going deep into yourself and knowing what it takes to change it to what you want it to be.

All metaphors are a mirror of who we are. It is a powerful tool to indirectly reveal hidden, unconscious programs and perceptions. The way we do one thing is often how we do everything. Try it yourself. “How is your car and how you drive it similar to how you do life?” Send us your similarities in the comments below.

Watch for more blogs on different metaphors of life, growth and consciousness.

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