Knowing your purpose empowers

Few people clearly know their life purpose, let alone live it. Yet most people are doing some aspect of their life purpose even though they are not aware of it. Our purpose seems elusive because we are so close to it. It is so much a part of our being that we cannot see it clearly. It’s also elusive because our purpose is spiritual, not material, and as a result, cannot be seen or touched or measured. As we grow and watch our lives unfold, our clarity of purpose grows with us.

It’s easy to get sidetracked off of our personal pathway. Too often, we do things based on our past and not on what we are drawn towards. We react and think in old patterns and miss many new ways of experiencing life. We do things for others and not for ourselves. We stay within our comfort zone of mediocrity and never truly explore our unlimited potential. When we’re not actively working our life purpose, we experience life as more of a struggle.

The more we align with our essence and our value system, even if we’re not aware we’re doing so, the more our life begins to flow. Our experience of life becomes both more enjoyable and more meaningful. As we connect more consciously and fully with our purpose, we have more focus, energy, abundance, awareness and compassion. And each of these qualities supports us in further fulfilling that purpose. Getting clear on our purpose is truly empowering.

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