Let go of your desire for self-improvement.

Many of us are walking the spiritual path with a longing to be better people and to live more peaceful and harmonious lives. We think we’re not yet good enough somehow. We long to banish our particular demons. We dream of a life when we can be as good, strong and loving as we believe we ought to be.

If we want to be different, it probably means that we don’t accept who we are right now. This desire for improvement, then, is an act of self-rejection. It’s founded on a belief of poverty – that we lack something essential that would bring us the fulfillment we want so badly. And this rejection of who we are creates much suffering.

The spiritual path is not about becoming more pure and worthy in any way. Instead, it’s a path to self-acceptance where we learn to drop our critical judgments. As manifestations of the divine, we already are pure and worthy. We have only to realize the truth of this to be free of our prisons of self-doubt and fear.

Paradoxically, the moment we truly accept who we are, ‘flaws’ and all, is the moment we can begin to change. But the changes will happen because we are inspired within to express more of the abundance of our being. Already feeling healthy and whole, we will be drawn to feel even more healthy and whole. This is completely different than being motivated by the desire to avoid what we see as being faulty.

“Who you really are is enough.” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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