Is your life purpose to teach others to find their life purpose?

shutterstock_121176439If you are even thinking about your life purpose, helping others, service, contribution, your destiny, ‘why am I here?’ etc. then celebrate. You are on the verge of a most significant consciousness shift out of self centeredness to being other conscious and making a difference in the lives of others.

This is a profound time in your life to participate with many others in giving back. I love the metaphor of climbing the ladder. As you climb up a ladder wrung, you reach down and help those under you up a wrung, so you can go to the next step with those you seek to aid.

For you this timing may be a shift from a J.O.B. to your own business, ‘being told what to do’ to being your own boss or from limited reactive thinking to blue sky empowering concepts.

If you have the slightest urge or calling that there is more to your life, then definitely fan the spark so a blazing new light can lead you to a much more fulfilling life of giving back to others.

Some great workable strategies that may interest you are – teach what you most need to learn. Share your secrets or wisdom you have collected over the years. Find your niche of writing, arts, teaching coaching, mediating, leading, collaborating, designing, researching, synthesizing and use it. Share your latest ideas or inventions or processes. You are only limited by your own ideas.

A common aspiration is to find your purpose which leads to helping others find and live their purpose. If this is the case for you, explore this turnkey life purpose workshop that you can facilitate. Higher Awareness offers online facilitation workshop design, delivery, marketing and business training and support.

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