The Creativity Process

The Creativity Process

Over the last 2 weeks we discussed creative ways and reasons for delivering creativity workshops and then we identified the key to creativity. Today lets look at the larger creative process.

  1. The first creativity step is a pre-process step – to get your mindset ready and to create a foundation for generating ideas. First have a clear intention or a clear question. Relax and elevate your consciousness and create an openness to tap into big, meaningful ideas. This is like cultivating the soil and preparing for the seeding
  2. This and the next 2 steps are the 3 step creative process. Edward De Bono calls the next step ‘Provocation’. To provoke, excite or provide input to start the creativity process. To create many inner connections. To use structured, metaphoric, lateral, strategic, intuitive and even random thoughts to start the process. I call it seeding.
  3. Once you seed and provoke ideas, they create an inner tension in your mind and subconscious. An integration and incubation process starts as more inner mental connections and ideas begin to form and start to make sense. This is the germination phase and it has its own incubation time. The bigger the ideas the longer they take to incubate.

  4. Next you start to receive insights as answers illuminate you. You may feel energized as new ideas are sprouting. Make sure you write them all down for the next step.

  5. The last step is a post-process. Once you have lots of insights, you can analyze and assimilate them to bring forth a resolution and completion of the process. It is harvest time.

Using this structure you can co-create great ideas. Hopefully ideas that make a difference in your life and in the world. And hopefully that was one of your intentions to start.

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