Meaningful, Soulful Dreams

At least once per week I have a meaningful, soulful dream. Let me share this simple dream with you.

I had a large bundle of arrows all thrown together. So I started sorting them so they were all facing the same direction. I noticed the bundle got lighter and started moving with me riding on the bundle. As I finished aligning the arrows, the bundle was getting lighter and brighter, moving fast forward and rising higher.

So what this means to me is to exercise, eat, breath, work, relate, heal, intuit, grow, feel, think, love in more aspiring, creative and intentful ways. To consciously participate more in all that I do. To be conscious of my robotic responses in life and to align and elevate my overall participation.

So after doing this for a few days I noticed I was being more aware and taking a higher path in all that I do. And I am enjoying the lighter and more exciting synergistic effect of it

To more great, simple, understandable dreams for you and yours.

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