My journal is my best friend.

by John Robson on March 7, 2011

I can’t imagine who would allow me to totally ignore, abuse, laugh with, swear at, shed tears on, get angry at and be totally honest with him/her – other than my journal. My journal is a truly unconditional friend. It does not reject, manipulate, judge, laugh at or ridicule me. It is always there for me and spending time together offers safe space where I know I can be completely real and genuine. Of course, if I have written words that might be hurtful to someone else, then I ensure that I lock my journal or leave it in another location. I might even burn my pages after I have written them. I know from experience that journaling is incredibly healing. Because of its power in my life, I honor and respect my journal. Sometimes I even set up rituals around journaling. What a gift it is to have an eternal, intimate friend!

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