The NINE Energy of Completion and Regeneration

“I prefer to consider the future in terms of the ideal, wherein all people act sanely and with judgment and decency.” – Isaac Asimov

We are now in the year’s final 42 day NINE energy cycle. As a reminder we just completed the EIGHT energy of power, magnanimity, manifesting, compassionate leadership, success, action and self-sufficiency. And if the 8 energy was not fully integrated or understood, it may unfold as the negative, violent, possessive, controlling and know-it-all ego.

The NINE Energy

The NINE Energy of Completion and Regeneration

The NINE energy is one of completion and letting go to prepare for new manifestations (the next ONE cycle). It is characterized by broadmindedness, wholeness, integrity, idealism, optimism and completion. It can be a fun, compassionate, easy going, flexible, regenerating and peaceful energy.

Nine is the evolution number for humanity, universality, cosmic freedom and higher soul expressions. Here, the wise one brings the universal potentialities into reality at all levels.

Moving through the cycles from 1 to 9 represents man’s whole journey. All parts are now realized and hopefully integrated to go back to the 1 energy.

If the 9 energy is not fully integrated or understood, it may unfold as loneliness, self-centeredness and complacency.

How do we intentionally shift from the 8’s powerful co-creating energy to the 9’s peaceful, happy, flowing energy? Consider shifting your focus and actions from:

  • action to completion
  • balance to integration
  • focused to broad mindedness
  • head to open heart
  • ego to humility

To consciously work with the 9 energy, answer the questions below:

    How can you best apply your many talents to help others in greater ways?

  1. What projects can you now complete?
  2. What big opportunity is looming on the horizon for you to explore?
  3. How can you regenerate for a fresh start?
  4. How can you pass on what you’ve learned to support other fields and other people?

How do you see the NINE energy influencing your life at this time? We invite you to share or comment on this posting below or on our Higher Awareness Facebook page.

~ John

“In order to live a rich life, everything about who you are must be one, in alignment, and in pure harmony.” – Suze Orman

“The purity and integrity of your energy …guides you to create those things that are in harmony with the deepest part of your being.” – Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

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