Overcome suffering and fear

Suffering is caused by attachment to ourselves. The practice of the divine presence eliminates fear and suffering. By aspiring to make connection with this universal reality, or any universal reality, we are motivated to dealing with fear. It also enables us to experience the awe and mystery of the Beauty present, thus choosing soul rather than focusing on letting go. The more we identify with that which is universal the greater the powers of transformation that work through our limitations and fears.

Attachment to ourselves occurs because we have to become individuals capable of expressing some unique aspects of the One Life. This is our purpose. Attachment to our individuality assures us that we will enter deeply into that which makes us unique on the personality levels. Ironically, it is precisely the things which make us different, and therefore unique, that is both our service and our irritation and challenge for others.

Then as we let go of personal attachments we are assured of touching our uniqueness at a soul level. Further detachment will enable us to touch our universality – the life of Spirit, the higher aspects of the divine presence.

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