Soul and personality in conflict

Humanity is now moving from self conscious isolation to soul conscious connection and community. In so doing, we overcome the fear of living. We grow through our fears. And we grow enthusiastic about the future that is now in our hands.

Through the personality, Soul can express in the lower worlds of form: physical, emotional and mental.  We are pulled in opposite directions until we begin to know the answers to some basic questions. These are the questions to the journey we are on. But even the idea that there is a journey requires a breakthrough in consciousness. Once we know there is a journey, we have already embarked upon it.

The Soul Journey will help you understand your spiritual journey and guide you through your process of healing the personality and aligning it with your soul qualities, life purpose and potentials. The series of spiritual e-books is one of the most in depth treatments of transformational and soulful living available today. For more information, explore our spiritual development programs.

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