Stuck? – 3 ways to get daily inspiration.

Inspiration can come to us in the most sudden and unexpected way, yet there are also times when it seems very elusive.  If you’re at a point in your life where you feel drained and desperately wanting be inspired again, we have a few simple tips for you that can help spark your inspiration daily.

These steps are very simple and you probably have already done them in the past. Yet, because they are so simple we tend to be unconscious, overlook their value and end up not getting the most out of them.

Give these daily inspirational ideas a shot!

  • Be still and spend time in your own head – Sometimes all the inspiration we need is actually already in our memory. It’s just a matter of tuning out the hustle and bustle of the world and just listening to yourself. Take a moment each day and just be quiet and still. Just observe the thoughts that pop up in your mind and flow with them with no judgment. Some of the best ideas and inspiration are a product of stillness and nonattachment to old ideas.
  • Take a walk – Almost all of us walk on a daily basis – to the office, school, a friends, around the house or even in the park. Most of us just walk to get to our destination without seeing and noticing what’s happening around us. Next time you go for a walk, open all of your senses to the beauty that surrounds you and you may just find your inspiration around the corner.
  • Take part is something new – Most of the time, familiarity, routine, boredom and being unaware drain us of our inspiration in life. Seeing and doing the same things day in and day out can easily turn our days gray. Why not try something new? Whether it’s a new hobby, a new club, a new place to eat, or adding something random to your day’s tasks. Try to squeeze in something new and unexpected to your day. Inspiration can take many forms and doing something new may just do the trick. For more ideas, see our list of 100 ways to do different things and do things differently.

Now these are just some very simple things you can do every day that can help you put more color and energy into your life. You can also sign up for our FREE daily inspirational messages and quotes to get consistent inspiration every day.

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