Top questions that can help you find your life purpose

Top questions that can help you find your life purpose!

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life? Finding the purpose of life is one of the most important things that everyone wants to know. Finding the purpose of life may sound simple, but it is actually very challenging. Most of us do not spend a lot of time thinking about the purpose of our lives. We all have some preconceived ideas about the purpose of our lives, which come from our families and the society where we grow up. The question “what is my purpose quiz” is not easy to answer. Each one of us has a different purpose in life, and nothing is more fulfilling than finding it.

Why do we need to find a purpose of life?

Even before we try finding out the purpose of life, it is important to know why we need to find it. Living without a definite purpose in life is meaningless. Living a life without a purpose cannot take us far. So, to live our lives and improve our quality of life, we must find out what is my purpose of life. In childhood, we may not feel the thirst for life. Waking up in the morning, going off to school, playing with friends- all these were driving forces for us in our childhood. But, we never felt that we did all those activities with a thirst for life. Our purpose in life is the driving force behind the thirst for living. During our bad times, this purpose helps us to remain strong and sail through bad times.

  • We live longer

We must not try finding the purpose of life because it is something nice-to-have. We can live a meaningful life if we know the purpose of our living. A meaningful life means better physical and mental health. Sound physical and mental health means reduced risk of chronic diseases. Many researchers have shown that finding the purpose of life helps us to live longer.

  • Existence crisis

Living a life without a purpose creates a crisis in our lives. When we feel connected to others in a family or community, we have a sense of purpose in living. But when we are lonely and isolated, it may cause an existential crisis in us, and we will feel as if we are living our lives without any purpose.

  • Better self-understanding

We all feel that we know ourselves. But, only a few of us understand ourselves on a deeper level. To live a meaningful life and to gain confidence, we must understand ourselves deeply. Only when we will try to find out the purpose of life will we be able to find out our hidden talents and other characteristics. We will be able to identify our strengths and weaknesses better. You can take up what is my purpose quiz so that your answers will help to find out the purpose for which you are living and the purpose of life that you want to fulfil.

  • Challenge your limitation

Our purpose in life comes out from a deep desire. In most cases, our aspirations remain far from the life we are currently living. So, it is important to know the purpose of life and find out if it is possible to achieve that purpose. This analysis will help us to find out if we have enough resources and skills to achieve our purposes. Once we are able to identify our limitations, we can try to improve our skills and get more resources to achieve the purpose. A powerful purpose will challenge you. So, you need to reframe your limiting beliefs so that they can transform your life. This will lead to betterment. So, it is necessary to find out the purpose of life.

What do we need to find the purpose in life?
  • Question yourself

The best way to find out the purpose of life is to question ourselves. We can take up what is my purpose quiz for the identification ofthe purpose of life. Some of the questions can help us identify the purpose of our lives.

  1. What do you consider your strength
  2. Which word can describe you the best
  3. What is your dream job
  4. What is good about you according to you
  5. What is the legacy you would like to leave behind
  6. What difference do I make to the lives of other people
  7. What will people say when I will leave this world

After you have successfully identified the answers to these questions, the next step is to take action and demonstrate important qualities that are important for you to live a purposeful and joyful life.

  • Discover your passion

You have to discover the passion in yourself. You must find out what gives you joy. The core actions, such as gratitude, kindness, generosity, and love, are the actions that help up live a purposeful life.

  • Develop a clear vision of the life you desire

You have to define your true priorities, and this will help you to have a clear vision of the life you desire. For example, if you want to become an author, you have to work towards improving your writing skills. You also have to find out your interest areas so that you can achieve your purpose.

  • Stop doing things that drain you

There are certain things that exhaust us physically or mentally. These things may not be the activities that we dislike. It is important to identify these activities and stop doing them. With a tired body and mind, we will not be able to walk far on the path of finding the purpose of our lives. We have to focus on things that matter to us. We have to build our life around our vision.

A person can be successful only when there is clarity about the purpose of living. If we do not know why we are living, then we will be lost and become directionless. It is important to identify, acknowledge, and honor our purpose. It helps us to build a solid foundation for a well-rounded life.


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