Want change? Create tension 4 to 6 ways

“Change means movement. Movement means friction.”
~ Saul Alinsky ~


Years ago, I wanted to truly understand “How do people change?” So I interviewed over 90 people who had made significant shifts in their lives. Most of them attributed the source of their shifts to retreats and journaling, but there was no one common tool or process used.

From my own experience, I’ve concluded that to create change, we need to use 4 to 6 different tools that address the same topic. This creates more perspectives, more dimensions, more tension and more intensity on the situation.

As we explore different perspectives in our subconscious mind, it reintegrates and balances the different stimuli and ideas. It opens up and reveals old beliefs and new messages for us to work with. This is how change happens.

If you have a challenge to work on, keep the tension on it by using different journaling tools. Understand why you attract challenges Explore it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Use intuitive right brain and rational left brain tools. Ask different questions around your challenge. Seek counsel.

Not sure where or how to start? Our Go deeper… Reach higher… Journaling for Self Empowerment reference book offers over 40 different journaling tools. Scan the list and pick a few that catch your attention. Play with them and prepare to move through and release whatever’s causing your distress.

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