New Programs for Higher Awareness

“Life begins when you get out of the grandstand into the game. ”
~ P. L. Debevoise ~

Hi everyone,

Patrice and I enjoy taking holidays in September and October. Temperatures are still warm enough. Fall colours and smells are amazing.

This is also a time when we do much reflecting, writing and brainstorming for new ideas. So we wanted to ask you for your input on what programs you would like to receive.

Here are some new programs we are considering:

1. How to manifest and create what you want. Apply new perspectives and tools to enhance the Law of Attraction.

2. Awakeners – Transformative perspectives that will re-commit you to enhancing your life.

3. Raise consciousness email series stretch how we know and heal ourselves deeper and expand ourselves higher. Understand what consciousness is and how to raise it.

4. How to find your own unique niche and expression. Want to create a residual, virtual, perpetual and natural income stream?

5. Feeling finder – A simple tool that helps you discriminate feelings more accurately and track your emotions.

6. How to create your own life planning binder.

7. Interactive e-coaching through the journey of knowing yourself, creating a plan, healing yourself and expanding yourself.

Click on this survey link and choose a maximum of 3 programs you would like to see offered on Higher Awareness. Our gift to you for taking the time is a new quiz – “know your personality style

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