What Do I Want?

shutterstock_17728918 The whole point of our journey is to become whole, to be one consciously with the All, the Universe, God. In order to traverse the gap between the experience of separation and the experience of oneness, we must learn about needs and the fulfillment of needs.

Needs are those gaps in our lives where wholeness isn’t actively or consciously present, although it is potentially there. The fulfillment of needs is the process of activating the potential. This can only be done through the expression of Love, because Love emanates from, creates and participates in wholeness. Needs are only fulfilled and the potentials of wholeness activated when  consciousness is present.

Our needs and the needs of others do not register in our consciousness unless we are in touch with our desires. When we know what we want we get indications of our needs, because all desires are the registering of our needs in our emotional bodies. Even the awareness of others’ needs can then be felt in our emotional bodies, and consequently urge us to want to do something to fulfill those needs.

Without desires we go nowhere. We have no motivation. Our desires move us – sometimes in directions that go contrary to what is actually needed or is beneficial. When this happens, the detour is only temporary. When we pursue desires contrary to needs, the fulfillment of desires brings dissatisfaction or negative repercussions. This eventually urges us to move in more productive directions, eventually discovering what the underlying needs are, and fulfilling them.

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