Who Am I?

When we start asking “Who am I?” we have begun the journey. This question arises because we unconsciously feel that we are not the tribe, and more importantly, we are not the ego.

What we are implicitly asking is: who is taking the journey? There is no final and definitive answer to this question, but by asking it frequently, you penetrate through the self image and illusions of identity to find the essence of your being – soul. The more this is done, the greater the connection to the soul
within from which authenticity and power flow.

The more you know who you are, the more you will also know who others are. This will enable you to see through their projected self images into their hearts and souls where you can make a beautiful and loving connection.

Before we become self conscious, we have no individual identity. Before we become soul conscious our identity is not who we think we are. It is only the facade of who we are. It is something we make up in order to feel comfortable; it enables us to look and feel good and to diminish our fear.

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