What does it really mean to ‘go with the flow’?

Feeling stressed and stuck in life? Well then, ‘Go with the flow!’

Hmmm… that’s easier said than done when our minds are clouded with worry. And let’s back up here:

What does it even mean??

It’s actually great advice grounded in …science! So here’s a very quick and simple but incredibly helpful science lesson.

Quantum physics tells us that everything in existence – EVERYTHING! – arises from a unified field of energy.

And we know energy moves. Scientists tell us the universe is continually expanding, without end.

If the universe is expanding, then obviously, we humans are expanding too.

You can prove this for yourself. Close your eyes and imagine being happy… loving… grateful… playful… creative… With each of these, you feel open and expansive, right?

All qualities we label ‘good’ are aligned with the essential expansive movement of the life force. When we are feeling these delicious qualities, we are literally going with the flow of life.

Okay then: why are we not always flowing if that’s what the life force does naturally?

Here we encounter one of life’s essential mysteries…

The supremely intelligent field that gives rise to all of existence has bestowed human beings with the ability to think. Over eons, in the playground of the evolution of consciousness, we’ve learned to doubt and fear, to judge and criticize and complain.

All of these ‘negative’ ways of perceiving ourselves and life create what might be described as an energetic fog which slows or blocks the bright, clear energy of the unified field.

When we feel contracted (as we do with fear, doubt, guilt, depression and so on), we have the experiential proof that we are out of alignment with the life force. That’s why it feels so terrible!

What do we do when we find ourselves blocked? Remember that if you’re feeling contracted, then there’s misinformation at play. You are holding some belief that is not true to your innate nature.

Breathe deeply, stay present and stop thinking about the negative and false storyline. Focus your conscious attention on something, anything that makes you feel better.

These simple steps will shift you out of the darkness and discomfort of contraction so your innate expansive state can again be felt. You don’t have to make your energy flow – it does it naturally, if you allow it!

Life wants us to go with the flow and enjoy ourselves. We can do that more and more easily once we understand how life works.

And for a bit of fun: If you’d like an anthem to support ‘going with the flow’, sing along with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.

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