What is your life purpose?

Clipboard01If connecting with and living the divinity within you is important to you, you may want to consider clarifying your life purpose.

“You are only as strong as your purpose, therefore let us choose reasons to act that are big, bold, righteous and eternal.” — Barry Munro

We love watching shows about people who are living their passions. People who are so clear and energetic nothing stops them. These people are connected with some deeper purpose.

When you live your life purpose, you CONNECT WITH YOUR OWN INNER POWER. You find yourself with more clarity, energy and abundance. You feel a desire to make each day count. Your essence, gifts and talents synergistically (1+1+1 = 111) work for you. You make more sense of your world. Purpose connects us with meaning and our calling. It makes us more magnetic so opportunities come to us more easily. And you become more aware of synchronicities supporting you.

– Do you know your life purpose? If so, are you living it?
– Do you live to please others or are you self-directed?
– Do you do what you are drawn to do or do you do what you’ve always done?
– Do you explore your unlimited potential or prefer to stay within your comfort zones?

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~ Meet you in Higher Awareness! ~

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