Why understand models of consciousness?

We offer 20 Models of Consciousness that will:

– clarify your next growth steps

– make more sense of what happens in your life

– connect you more with your purpose and what gives you meaning

– increase your synchronicity and miracles

– define a bigger picture of how you fit into the world

– develop your higher, intuitive, abstract, conceptual mind

– open your ability to receive and give love

To get the most out of these models, reflect on the levels of consciousness described and identify 3 things:

  1. how you have experienced lower levels of consciousness in the past
  2. which level you are most experiencing now and how you are experiencing this level and
  3. your aspirations as you look at higher levels of consciousness.

The more you think about a consciousness model over a few days, the more your mind starts to work at different levels and open new channels. You will notice things fit together easier and for clearer reasons.

The journey of awakening to more fulfillment and happiness is a life-long process. Unfortunately it does not happen overnight. It requires the right strategies, tools and consistency. Explore our 20 models of consciousness at http://www.consciousnessjourney.com/consciousness-models.shtml

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