7 levels of consciousness model

This is an easy and useful perspective on levels of consciousness. These 7 levels of consciousness are well documented many places and very clearly outline a path for our evolving consciousness:

  • mass consciousness  – one lives by trial and error
  • tribal consciousness  – one obeys the group
  • individual consciousness – one develops a stronger sense of self and ego
  • seeker’s consciousness – one asks questions and seeks independence
  • intuitive consciousness – one develops the heart and is becoming spiritually aware
  • group consciousness – one serves a higher good with others
  • soul consciousness – one experiences spiritual service.

Even throughout our own lives from birth we ideally (until we stop ourselves) go through these levels.

On which level do you spend most of your time?

What are you doing to shift to the next level of being?

There are as many paths to understanding, awareness, peace, freedom, love and meaningful service as there are people. We are often integrating where we have been, where we presently are and what we are drawn to at the same time.

This is one of 20 consciousness models at The Consciousness Journey.

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