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Dialogue - Journaling Tool

Every voice deserves to be heard.

"Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings." - Miles Franklin

Dialogue is one of the most popular and powerful journaling tools. With this tool, you carry on a written conversation, making up the parts for both speakers. Your dialogue partner(s) can be any of the following: a person (living or dead), family member, problem, sickness, body part, thing (e.g., a car), event or incident (e.g., birth or wedding), Soul or God, career, money, options, emotions, pets, values and virtues - anything and anyone.

For deeper results, before you start using this tool, do a short entrance meditation. Relax. See yourself walking along a beautiful path in nature. Take your time and relax in your surroundings. Then see your dialogue partner come over the hill. Trust that it is the right partner. It may not be who or what you expect. As you get closer, greet the dialogue partner and ask a question. When you are ready, write out the conversation.

First write down "ME" and write your question. Then write down the name of the partner you are talking with and note his/her/its response. Then ask another question. You make up the response. You do both parts of the dialogue. Your dialogue partner can also ask you questions. If you are stuck, really use your imagination. Make it up!

Write for 10 to 30 minutes. Write as quickly as you can - this will help you shift from your left to right brain. Let the conversation flow. As you get into the dialogue, ask questions like: "What is the meaning of this situation?" "Is there anything else?" "Is this the truth?" "Is there more you can tell me so I have full understanding?"

When you have completed, read over the dialogue and write a short summary.


Getting started:

  • Create two dialogues to help you make a decision. Bring to mind a significant choice you have to make. Identify your 2 main options. Talk with Option 1 first. Write down "ME" and a question. Then write down "OPTION 1" and answer your question as though you were Option 1 talking back. Write down whatever comes up around OPTION 1. Immerse yourself in this option fully. Keep writing the questions and answers for at least 5 minutes.

    When you have completed your dialogue with Option 1, clear your mind and immerse yourself in Option 2. Go through the same process as above. When this is done, read over the two dialogues and write a short summary. Your choice should be obvious.

Go deeper:

  • Write a dialogue with the person in your most challenging relationship. You assume the roles of both the other person and yourself.

Reach higher:

  • Write a dialogue with your conscience, guides, soul, intuition or the divine. Ask questions and then connect with the highest aspect of yourself to answer them. Don't try too hard - allow the words and images to come to you. When you've completed the dialogue, write a short summary of the conversation.

"Each person's life is lived as a series of conversations." - Deborah Tannen

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