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Manifest prosperity and abundance and break free of your financial prison.

Progressively shift your prosperity consciousness around what you DO with money, what you THINK and BELIEVE about prosperity and how you ATTRACT and manifest abundance.

"You get no more and no less than what you believe you deserve." -- Dan Millman

We have 2 manifesting programs.

  1. The 3-part "Manifesting Abundance" workbook is described below.

  2. We also have our flagship, best-of-the-best, 3-month, Consciousness Raising and Manifesting Program
    'intuit and DO IT' Awareness and Manifesting Program. It is a more intensive program requiring more effort.

Manifesting Abundance
is a comprehensive workbook to help you create good habits, release self-sabotaging patterns, build belief in prosperity and magnetize to you what you desire and need.

manifesting abundance

Money challenges?

  •  Are you indebted, broke or without a nest egg?
  •  Have you avoided taking responsibility for your finances?
  •  Do you want to release unconscious money blocks?
  •  Are you ready to participate in the flow of manifesting abundance?

Build a new relationship with money and abundance with our 3-part "Manifesting Abundance" workbook:

  1. "Managing Money" shares money skills and how to build the foundation for increasing our  net worth. We will never attract abundance if we have not taken responsibility for our finances.
  2. "Thinking Prosperity" helps us identify and release unconscious beliefs that sabotage us. And it shows us step by step  how to establish a belief system that will attract prosperity.
  3. "Living in Abundance" works on understanding and participating in the spiritual laws of abundance.

What you believe is what you get.

We attract people, events and circumstances to our lives according to who we are. Who we are has much to do with what we believe. When we truly recognize the riches within, we fully live in wealth and we start manifesting prosperity. If your finances are not meeting your needs, it shows that you have internal programs that are sabotaging your prosperity.

Increase your self worth by tackling your mental and emotional poverty issues and your net worth will grow with you!

Discover the personal power that comes when you resolve to put your financial house in order. You'll be surprised at how quickly basic money management can turn your situation around. And by taking control of your money, you'll begin to take control of your life. The doors of possibility will open....

"Managing Money," Part 1 of the workbook, will show you step by step:

  •  how to give proper attention to money.
  •  the fundamentals of managing money.
  •  plenty of tips on cost cutting and income creation.
  •  basic tools to measure and track your money.

You cannot imagine how much the Manifesting Abundance workbook has helped me. It has enabled me to manage my money more effectively. More importantly it has helped me overcome my fears and change my beliefs about wealth. As a result I have increased self-worth - I know I am wealthy and worthy even without money in the bank. I did not realize that I was overpowered by my fears and I was going around in circles like crazy. Now, I have my life back on track. Thank you!

~ JT ~

Create the right mindset to attract a new level of prosperity to your life.

In Part 2, "Thinking Prosperity," you'll create the right mindset to attract a new level of prosperity to your life. It will help you:

  •  identify how you play the victim concerning money issues and give away your power.
  •  identify limiting beliefs that stop you from experiencing abundance.
  •  replace limiting beliefs with constructive thoughts and practices that will draw abundance to you.
  •  draw on your passion to magnetize prosperity to you.
  •  manifest what you want and need.

how manifest money and love

Part 3, "Living in Abundance," explores:

  •  the spiritual and natural laws of abundance
  •  redefining what success and abundance mean to you.
  •  how to define success and what abundance means to you
  •  how to distinguish soul needs from personality desires
  •  the value of identifying your purpose, essence
  •  practices to bring greater abundance immediately.

Work on your money problems from many angles and create your own prosperity consciousness. The workbook is full of exercises to help you chart your own path to wealth.

"If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master." -- Francis Bacon

Isn't it time to break through the financial chains that are preventing you from being and doing what you have always wanted? Explore the multiple levels of money and prosperity consciousness.

Take the money and abundance journey to more prosperity and wealth.
 Full satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

"It isn't how much you have that creates a sense of freedom.
It's how you feel about what you have, or don't have,
that either keeps you prisoner or sets you free." -- Suze Orman

Thanks so much for all your help. I've started the Manifesting Abundance workbook and am amazed. I'm very impressed with what you are doing.......you are drawing from so much great wisdom and are so articulate in your delivery.

~ Jj ~

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Manifesting Money and Abundance Workbook

how to manifest what you wantManifesting Abundance Online Workbook - Your first foundational step on the road to prosperity is to clarify your relationship with money. Then identify your victim and power issues around money. Identify and replace limiting beliefs that stop you from experiencing abundance. Next draw on your passion to magnetize prosperity to you. Learn the spiritual and natural laws of abundance. Distinguish soul needs from personality desires. Explore how to raise your consciousness and magnetism with a workbook and 90 days of progressive abundance shifting  perspectives. Redefine success and what abundance means to you.


Manifesting Money and Abundance Smart Question Email Series

  • Manifest Prosperity Email Series - Explore your relationship with money. Build a foundation for increasing your self worth and net worth.  Explore your (un)prosperity thinking and how and what you magnetize to you. Receive 90 days of daily smart questions and tips to shift your prosperity consciousness.

Manifesting Money and Abundance Worksheet

  • Manifesting Goals - Explore anchoring, integration and co-creating on one page in one hour.

Manifesting Money and Abundance List of Choices

  • Invisible Life Force Energy - Every culture and religion has a name for it.
  • Money Proverbs - How does society influence your money beliefs?
  • Money Beliefs - What did your parents say about money?
  • Money Victim Statements - What self talk keeps you broke?
  • Money Affirmations - 50 ways to clearly state your abundance
  • Manifesting Tips - Align with the co-creative forces
  • Rituals - Create your own personal rituals to create sacred space
  • Willpower Building Methods - Learn from small projects first. 
  • Space Making List - Ways to create more space in your life

Manifesting Money and Abundance Quotes and Tips

  • Manifesting - You are a creator!

  • Self-worth - How do you rate your self-worth?

Manifesting Money and Abundance Smart Questions

  • Money - Understand and manage your relationship with money
  • Prosperity - Think your way to prosperity with new perspectives


Wow! Every day that I get into my workbook has been quite an experience in helping me to understand my attitude towards money. I have become more aware of my negative thoughts and fears and able to replace them with more confidence that I am on the right track and headed for abundance. I am spending less - amazing! Your course has made me aware that I am worth the blessings that people want to give me. All of this feels so good as I am managing my money. I have re-opened my savings account and putting money in there. When the chips are down, I still am able to reflect on Manifesting Abundance and not get discouraged. I'm very happy! Thanks again for your course!

~ SG ~