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Intuitive Choice and Answer Lists

Intuitive Choice and Answer Lists offer a rich collection of ideas to support us in problem solving, decision making, creativity and deeper understanding. Too often, we get stuck in habitual thinking patterns and we can't find new ideas, options or solutions. Now, our lists give you may options, ideas, choices and triggers to help you answer the questions and needs in your life.

Invite your intuition to help you find the answers that are best for you! Quickly scan the list below and watch for any items that grab your attention in some way.  If you are open and receptive, your intuition will flag items that deserve your attention. Mark the items that 'resonate' with you, then logically pick out the top 7 of them for further exploration.

This is one of over 90 Intuitive Choice and Answer Lists

Invisible Life Force - A List of Choices

Alternative Names the Invisible Life Force and Psychic Energy

Chi - Chinese
Ki - Japanese
Prana - Hindu
Mana - Kahunas, Hunas and Polynesians
Bioplasmic Energy - Russians
Orgon - Dr. Wilhelm Reich
Tachyon Energy - Nikola Tesla
Universal Fluid - Anton Mesmer
Animal Magnetism - Anton Mesmer
Telesma - Hermes Trismegistos
Ka - Egyptians
Pneuma - Greeks
Eckankar - Pali Language
Baraka - Sufis
Sahala - Indonesia
Fluid of Life -Alchemists
Universal Gur - Alchemists
Healing Power of Nature - Hippocrates
Jesod - Jewish Cabbalists
Mgebe - Ituri pygmies
Elima - Nikunda
Hasina - Madagascar
Wakan or Wakouda - Sioux
Oki - Huron Indians
Orenda - Iroquis
Elan vital - Henri Bergson
Numia or Archaeus - Paracelcus
Healing Power of Nature - Hippocrates
Odic Power - Baron Karl von Reichenbach
Universal Life Power - Baron Ferson
Eleptic Energy - T. Galen Hieronymous
Psychotronic Energy - Robert Pavlita (Czech)

Para-Electricity - Dr. Robert Millar
PK (Psycho Kinetic) Energy -Dr. Robert Millar
Etheric Force - Radiesthesists and Radionics
N-Rays - Rene Blondlot
Motor force - Dr. John Keely
Magnale Magnun - Van Helmont
Tellurism - Prof. G. Kieser
Biocosmica Energy - Dr. O. Brunler
X-Power - L.E. Eemann
Information Band - Marcel Vogel
Fifth Power
Force X
Pyramid Energy
Light or Holy Spirit - Christians
Innate Intelligence - D. D. Palmer
Morphogenetic Fields - Rupert Sheldrake
Astral Light
L (Life)-Fields - Harold Saxton Burr
Auric Energy
Free Energy
Life Force Energy
Kirlian Energy
Second Force of Gravity
Eloptic Radiation - T. G. Hieronymous
Psionic Energy - John Campbell
Scalar Waves - Nikola Tesla
Pre-physical state
Bio field
Body Electric
Vital Energy
Reiki Energy

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