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Seek not outside yourself, heaven is within -- Mary Lou Cook

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Welcome to Higher Awareness. We're John and Patrice Robson and we invite you to learn the fundamentals of basic and advanced meditation through two series of weekly online emails, of 3 months each:

1. Learn basic ways to meditate: The Foundation

2. Learn advanced ways to meditate: Paths to Illumination

Get the most from your meditation practice

Many people meditate, but very few realize the immense benefits possible from this practice. Why? They haven't been shown how to meditate most effectively.

The techniques we offer are not based on any particular religion or culture. In a progressive and comprehensive approach, we will guide you through the essential steps to:

  • Calm and develop your mind.
  • Progressively expand your consciousness.
  • Attain insights and inner peace.
  • Experience relaxation, reflection, visualization, imagination, concentration and contemplation.

Together, these two programs offer a solid foundation for a life-long exploration of expanded realms of consciousness.

Learn basic ways to meditate: The Foundation

Give yourself a gift - of clarity, peace and well being. In this 3-month weekly email program, you will progressively learn to use meditation to relax, focus, heal and find balance.

The Foundation meditation training program will help you:

  • De-stress quickly and easily.
  • Experience more control, order, release and energy.
  • Calm and focus your mind and attain clarity.
  • Defuse negativity, aggression and turbulent emotions.
  • Open to peace of mind, balance and harmony.
  • Begin to heal wounded parts of you.

Explore proven approaches to basic meditation methods. Sign up for this program today and start experiencing more ease and mental clarity in your life. You are never left alone as we answer all emails to support your journey.

Learn advanced ways to meditate: Paths to Illumination

If you already have a solid meditation practice, 'Paths to Illumination' offers meditation methods to expand your spiritual awareness. Learn to hold your mind steady in the light of the divine.

In this second 3-month weekly email program, we will introduce you to the steps to experience integration of self, soul and Spirit:

  • Go beyond thinking and connect with Spirit.
  • Awaken the inner voice.
  • Connect with the pure awareness of your deep inner nature.
  • Experience creative meditation, stimulated imagination, insightful contemplation and enlightened illumination.

Open yourself to new dimensions of your being with this 6 month program. Explore your deeper consciousness through exercises for relaxation, visualization, imagination, concentration, reflection and



"Every man must take time daily for quiet and meditation.

In daily meditation lies the secret of power.

No one can grow in either spiritual knowledge or power without it."

-- H. Emilie Cady


My meditation exercises have improved. I am more aware of relaxing my body and now I can focus on relaxing my emotions and thoughts. I have experienced a more relaxed and peaceful attitude because of meditation. I am so much less prone to being reactive. Meditation provides me with so much positive energy that sustains me all throughout the day despite a very hectic schedule. It is coming home and connecting to the Divine.

~ JT ~


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