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A Guide to using "Insights on One Page"

Welcome to the "Insights on One Page" worksheets offering powerful processes that will support your change and growth.

How to get the most from your 'Insights' page:

  • Protect an hour of uninterrupted time to complete each worksheet.
  • Before you begin, take a few deep breaths to relax yourself. Create an intention of attaining new insights and the change you desire.
  • Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. The more desire, focus, attention and openness you bring to this exercise, the more quality and meaningful results you will achieve.
  • Write your initial answers on a separate piece of paper and then summarize your main conclusions in the boxes on the form. Do your best to capture the essence of your top answers in a word or short phrase. The more concisely you can describe an answer, the more power it will have to focus your mind.
  • After you've answered a question, ask yourself, "Are there any more answers?" and listen for inner guidance.
  • Do your own thinking, then use any additional recommended resources for more insights.
  • Once you have completed the process, review your summarized answers and then write down your action steps or final results and prioritize them. As you review your notes, you might want to circle, highlight or underline your main insights.
  • These are challenging questions. Don't worry that you haven't got all of the answers or even the best answers. The ideas that first come up for you are fine for now. Allow the process to bring you better and better answers over time. Just relax and do your best at each sitting.
  • For best results, periodically review your worksheet. Add new insights as they come. This will assist you in integrating the information presented there for greater effectiveness and lasting results.
  • As you start the process of self-exploration, it does not stop. Expect new insights and answers to keep coming to the surface.
Why does this work?

Each "Insights on One Page" worksheet can quickly give you heightened awareness and clarity around the topic being addressed. Getting focused and clear really helps us get results, so this alone is valuable. However, our process is particularly powerful due to the format used. Here's why:

  • The one page form helps you see the big picture and details all at the same time. This stimulates whole brain thinking.

  • Listing all answers on one page overwhelms the rational left brain and engages the intuitive right brain. Quality questions also stimulate more creative right brain activity. This supports you in making new connections and in more fully integrating the material. It also activates the subconscious mind to work with the information.

  • Most of the worksheets include both positive and negative perspectives. Facing these dualities creates a positive tension in our minds that seeks to find balance between them. This fosters continual change and integration. We begin to balance the past and future, blocks and potentials, the head and the heart.

  • The one page form helps you reduce complex issues into key points which can be easily reviewed, remembered and acted upon. If it is in sight, it is in mind. Consistent attention through quickly reviewing what is important to us helps create the change we seek in our lives.

  • Many of the processes work on 3 levels:
        o Inventory - to assess the situation now.
        o Path - to identify where you want to be
        o Action - to plan how to get there.

  • These 'Insights' worksheets are powerful journaling tools that get you thinking in new ways and writing down your thoughts. Both of these actions support us in moving forward in our lives.

Enjoy your journey!

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