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What is your level of experiencing and manifesting life? - Humans have a wide range of awareness. ...

developing self personal awareness

Who are you?
What can make you happy?
What are your beliefs in life?
What stops you from moving forward?
What do you want to achieve in your life?

Were you able to answer the questions in a snap of a finger? Your ability to answer these simple yet powerful questions reflects how truly aware you are of yourself.

Self awareness is a journey towards self-discovery. It is all about understanding different facets of yourself - how you think, what you feel, how you react to a situation, how you trust your creativity, intuition and inner guidance. It is all about progressively raising your consciousness and awareness so you can experience more of life. It is about being in blissful states and YES it is even about Manifesting itself.

Strengthening your self-awareness can lead to:

  • healing inner blocks so you uncover your authentic self
  • effective decision making in life
  • creating an environment that better suits your needs
  • sustaining a positive change in your life
  • focusing your energy and time towards what you really do best
  • discovering your true and unlimited potentials

We have developed this awareness training program and exercises to spark your self-awareness and tap into the part of your brain and heart that rarely gets accessed.

Welcome to Higher Awareness. We're John and Patrice Robson, and we've discovered that self awareness is the key that unlocks and even creates the riches of life.

Each of us has all the answers to the questions of our lives right inside of us. We simply have to learn how to become aware of our own inner wisdom.

And yes, we know it can be very hard to believe that you already have the solutions to your problems inside you if you're lacking self confidence, stuck in a difficult relationship, broke, fearful of failing health or just generally frustrated and disappointed with your life. But from our own experience, we can assure you that if you want your life to change, self awareness training is the path to success.

Self awareness training and exercises will bring out the SOLUTION to every problem and the ANSWER to every question within you.

Build self-awareness with our 2 email training programs and our NEW, FLAGHSIP,  3-month "intuit and DO IT Awareness and Manifesting Program."

1. The Awareness Journey to Know Yourself - daily emails for 3 months

Experience the power of truly being present NOW! We will guide you to pay attention to your experiences - to your senses, thoughts, feelings and intuition. And when you do, you will discover there's more to you than you ever imagined!

This is a 'how to' email series to build self awareness skills through daily repetition of 7 key steps to a more empowered way of living. Take just one minute each day to read the email. Then take the empowerment step into life with you. Watch your experience of life change!

2. Exercises for sensitizing and expanding your perceptions

Hone your skills to be more aware through self awareness exercises in a series of 30 emails (5/week). Each email offers a different exercise. We explore how to awaken our senses, listen to guidance from our bodies, sense energies, detach from our dramas, and so much more.

By building self awareness training skills, you'll discover simple, practical and powerful ways to break free of ruts, release your inner strengths and enjoy greater wellness, abundance, happiness and fulfilment.

3. The 'best of the best' features from 30 programs over 20 years are rolled into one program -
our NEW "intuit and DO IT Awareness and Manifesting Program."

Over 3 months you will receive 3 emails per week guiding you, step by step, through levels of awareness, self healing, purpose, consciousness, intuition and manifesting.

Be Guided in Your Journey Towards Self-Discovery...

As we become aware, the steps to bring change are easy to master. Moment by moment, day by day, little shifts in self awareness are able to miraculously transform the quality of our lives.

The challenge in building your self-awareness is remembering to be self aware and conscious. To Pay Attention!

Why? Because most of the time we're unconscious! We live on autopilot, stuck in familiar old habits, and we can't see our way out.

And that's how these email series can help...

With reminders, reminders, reminders!
Reminders to STOP and pay attention! To be aware of yourself! To open to new experiences. Reminders to break out of those habitual ways of doing things that haven't served you.

The process of learning to be more present and self aware is easy - if you remember to do it!

We will help you remember.

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Higher Awareness is a membership site.

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PLUS, as a member, you'll have free access to over 250 other personal development resources. Truthfully, every single offering on our site will train you in building self awareness skills. Choose freely from our rich collection of programs to build your awareness and bring change. (That's why we’re called 'Higher Awareness'!)

Self Awareness Worksheets - Gain a deeper sense of challenges and opportunities on one page.

Self Awareness Smart Question Email Series and Tips - Break through what holds you back. Become more conscious of the unconscious programs that cause pain.

Self Awareness Journaling Tools and Exercises - streams of awareness, list making, retreat questions and over 40 more.

Self Awareness Lists of Choices:

  • Awareness Exercises - Push your awareness limits. Develop awareness skills
  • Early Warning Signals - Become more aware so you can avert impending trouble
  • Emotional Distinctions - Identify your emotional character higher awareness new
  • Human Life Cycles - Work with your cycles, not against them
  • Intentions - When you stop and think, what is your intention?
  • Physical Body Distinctions - Identify your physical character higher awareness new
  • Self Acceptance - Embrace yourself and life more fully
  • Self Awareness - Training to open to deeper and higher aspects of yourself
  • Sensory Stimulus - How many sensory inputs do you use?
  • Social Influences - Do you think or are you being thought?
  • Thinking Methods - Maximize your strengths, work on weaknesses

Self Awareness Quotes and Tips on being present, paying attention and letting go

Self Awareness Articles on being Conscious or Unconscious, and The Void

Pick the resources that best support you. Develop awareness skills today and clarify and deepen your own personal development plan. As a member, you have access to everything at no additional charge. And the best place to start is to Know Yourself Better.

Awaken Your Awareness to new dimensions of who you are!

These inspirational self awareness programs, resources and exercises will help you go beyond your self-imposed limits to access more choice and freedom. Open new doors to creativity and intuition. Become an explorer and have fun with the different exercises.