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Soul Making - A List of Choices

Accept personal responsibility
Accept whatever comes up
Act on intuition
Appreciate beauty
Appreciate life
Ask 'how can I serve?'
Ask 'what can I learn?'
Avoid superficiality - go for depth
Be authentic
Become the witness
Be grateful
Be in nature
Be in stillness and silence
Be more inclusive
Be more multidimensional
Be open to seeing reality more deeply
Be open to what others say
Be your own authority
Become aware of personal cycles
Broaden perspectives
Build rewarding relationships
Clear lower mind of judgments and negativity
Control thought
Co-operate with others
Create what's needed to meet people's needs
Cultivate attentiveness, thoughtfulness and mindfulness
Cultivate courage to act in face of fear
Cultivate detachment from emotional reactions
Cultivate inner calm and silence
Deepen understanding
Develop abstract thought
Develop awareness, consciousness
Develop intelligence to know and follow the universal laws of life
Develop intuition
Discover meaning in all things
Discover purpose of relationships
Discover, deepen and live qualities
Do art, rituals, music, poetry
Do mental work - broaden your mind
Do things with meaning and purpose
Do what you love to do
Empower others
Enlighten the mind
Experience and create beauty
Experience life fully
Experience love and wholeness within yourself
Explore abstract thought
Explore visions, symbols, ideas, dreams
Find and experience your relationship to anything
Find value in the details of life
Fire your zeal
Follow your heart
Free yourself of judgment
Fulfill duties and responsibilities
Give up your struggle to be spiritual - you already are!
Give yourself regular quiet time
Go for joy and celebration
Grow in love through giving and compassion
Have a sacred space
Have fun and laughter
Hold the thought of being impressed by soul
Identify with the other
Intentionally link with soul each night before sleep
Lead by example
Learn and obey the universal laws of life
Learn endurance, persistence
Learn to focus and be totally present, conscious, loving
Listen to and follow intuitive guidance
Live positive qualities
Love more
Make a stand for your life and for the life of others
Meditate on ideals, service, goodwill, beauty, freedom
Meditate regularly
Open to divine presence
Participate in the arts
Purify motives
Pursue fulfilling work
Pursue group work
Recognize world needs rather than personality needs
Relate less with form and more with qualities of life
Release resistance, control and selfishness
Respect body - health, exercise
Rid selfish motives
Seek light, will, serenity, inner calm, joy
Seek meaning, purpose
Seek soul in your strengths and talents
Seek soul behind feelings, weaknesses and resistances
Seek the bigger meaning of events in our lives
Seek truth
Serve others
Set an intention to be more selfless and harmless
Set an intention to link with soul
Speak truthfully
Stand up for principles
Stimulate your capacity to love
Surrender to soul
Understand and use words like compassion, empathy,
loving, nurturing, caring
Understand relationships to everything
Use your imagination - it's the first step in developing consciousness
Value being as well as doing
Work from the soul perspective instead of the form perspective

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