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Stream of Consciousness - Journaling Tool

Once you have developed the skills and ability to go deeper and reach higher, you may be ready for the Stream of Consciousness tool. This journaling technique is also known as Inner Wisdom Writing or Free Writing or Soul Writing or Channeled Writing.

This tool is similar to Stream of Awareness - but it works at levels beyond the 5 senses. To review, Stream of Awareness brings our attention to our busy mind, strong emotions, physical sensations and self-centred ego concerns. Stream of Consciousness, on the other hand, moves us beyond our individuality to connect with a higher level that is more abstract, impersonal and universal.

Consciousness works more with relationships and values like goodness, beauty, love, will and truth. We are in the realm of consciousness when we are dealing with the soul, intuition, ideals, service and the higher imagination. Think more along the lines of meaning, essence, purpose and qualities. Stream of consciousness may involve dialogue, questions, visualization, symbols, inspiration and deeper feelings. The exercise may be more contemplative with less writing, as few words do the higher realms justice. The truth can be made in simple statements.


Consider doing a short meditation before using this tool to shift your thinking to an altered state.

Getting started:

  • First close your eyes and focus on your breathing for about 5 minutes to fully relax. Then create a clear intention or ask a question about the meaning, purpose, quality or essence of something. Take 10 minutes and write everything that comes to your mind. On completion, review it. What is the essence of your writing? What insights did you receive? Did you use new or different words than you would normally?

Go deeper:

  • Bring to mind a time when you were awed by something beautiful. Immerse yourself in your memory of the beauty and write about your feelings. Let the words flow as you become one with the beauty. How does love enter into the picture?

Reach higher:

  • Pick a significant spiritual or miraculous event you have experienced in your life. Relax and contemplate it and its meaning and purpose. Maintain your connection with that memory and write whatever comes to mind.

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